16 year old self-taught artist

Hi, my name is Chloe Flanigan and I am a self-taught 16 year old artist.

I've been drawing ever since before I can remember. My parents said I would always have a pencil in my hand even at a young age and I would draw what I saw - on anything and everything.

I got into drawing sports from my love of baseball at age 12, about 3 or 4 years ago. I got to meet my favorite baseball player of all time and still talk to him every once in awhile, Jon Jay. I've also gotten to meet Randal Grichuk and Ozzie Smith. Many other athletes have also seen my drawings of them on Instagram.

Without art in my life, I don't see where I would be right now. Thinking about all the opportunities I've been given in just these 4 short years, and all the opportunities ahead is the greatest feeling I could ever have. I can't imagine if I would've never picked up that pencil as a small child.

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